Here you will find the selected feedback of my wonderful couples. Your LETTERS OF LOVE mean so much to me!


DOREEN & MICHAEL, 30.05.2019

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Dear Vera,

We would like to thank you again for your good work.
It was wonderful..We re-watched some parts of the ceremony and had tears in out eyes again...Of course it is the story, but a story is always worth what the storyteller makes out of it. Man guests cried and even thoose who didn#t were deeply moved by your speech. Everyone was very impressed by you and your manner of presentation. Many thanks, you really did a great job. We hope to see you again when our schedule is more relaxed after the wedding. 
See you soon!


ANASTASIA & DARCY, 20.05.2021


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Vera is just the best! She held our ceremony in 3 (!!!) languages and told our story with a lot of empathy and love. It was very special to us listening to all of this! We would recommend Vera to every couple. ️️ Darcy & Anastasia​​


CHRISTINA & IWAN, 09.06.2019


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Dear Vera,

 We thank you from all our heart for everything: it was wonderful.  You made our day very special! Keep on doing this job! We wish you all the best for the future.


JULIANE & NICO, 28.09.2019


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Vera took a lot of time for the preparation of our wedding ceremony and we had a very good feeling from the very beginning. We met up with Vera various times months before our wedding and told her our story; partly in separate interviews,
so that we heard each other's answes only on the wedding day – a wonderful surprise! As it is expected from a free celebrant, Vera was open to our views and ideas, but als gave us tipps as regards planning the ceremony.
Vera held the speech with passion and joy, which made an impression on our guests. She did not make use of any standard phrases, which can be recycled from speech to speech aus der Konserve abgespult, but wrote a speech perfectly tailored to our story. She impressed us with a good mix of emotions and humour and made an unforgettable event out of our free wedding ceremony.
We can highly recommend Vera to any engaged couple!
We thank you from our hearts, dear Vera, that you married us!

CHRISTINA & MARKUS, 21.08.2021


Photo by Jana Ehlers

Dear Vera, thank you so much for your wonderful speech and the whole ceremony! All our guests were amazed by you and the way you put your heart into your work. During the interviews you took a lot of time listening to our story and our wishes and thus you organized a personal wedding ceremony perfectly tailored for us. You fulfilled our dream of a bilingual speech and we would recommend you to anyone who decides to have an independent wedding ceremony.




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Vera helped us to make our wedding day unforgettable by holding an independent wedding ceremony. Before the big day we skyped with Vera and met up in person, so that we had an opportunity to share a lot of information about our love story with her, out of which she created an awesome speech. 

Vera's professional approach and her wedding know-how gave us a very reassuring feeling.



Vera was the celebrant at our wedding this summer. She focused on our wishes and our needs and delivered such a personal speech that the guests had an impression she would know us for years. The wedding ceremony was very emotional, all guests had tears in their eyes and were consumed by the speech. For us as a bridal couple it was a great party and the best decision to have Vera hold our wedding ceremony. Thank you so much!

Hey Vera! We would love to thank you again for the unbelievably beautiful ceremony and that you found such wonderful words for our love story. You were the perfect celebrant for us and we heard a lot of praise from our guests as well.