Bilingual ceremonies

Binational marriage? How wonderful! You are not only the love of each other´s lives, but also an infinite source of cultural inspiration! With Language & Love you can have a bilingual wedding ceremony  of your dream (German, Russian, English). Due to over 10 years of experience as a linguist (Diploma, M.A.) I will gladly help you to find the perfect way of organizing your ceremony in several languages, individually tailored for you and your guests. 

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Vera Algasinger

Moin, Hallo, Hi, Привет. I am Vera Algasinger, a world citizen and a celebrant for bilingual wedding ceremonies in German, English and Russian. I am a happy wife, a happy mom, in love with life and forever 29 years old. I am also a language nerd, a globetrotter, a goal-oriented and empathic person, constantly writing stories and thinking positively.

My motto? Do what you love and do it well!

I love what I do. Wedding ceremonies occupy a very special place in my heart, as well as your tears of joy, your happy laughter. The wonderful warmth of the hug afterwards. The exciting interviews before. The magic between a celebrant and her couples.

Your unique story is in loving hands. 

Wedding ceremonies

My ceremonies are more than "just" independant from the state registry office or the church. They are the heart and the highlight of each wedding. They are the moments of goosebumps, they are the cause of tears shed out of pure happiness. Each ceremony is focused on the individual love story of the couple.

Each person is unique. Each love story is beautiful and each turn of the path that you share is precious. You are perfect for each other - the way you are. I see my task in writing a speech and creating a ceremony in which you would recognize yourselves - the way you are and the way your love is, authentic and unique!


Better together

IIsn't it wonderful to have a warm, family-like atmosphere at your wedding?

When people who work at your wedding have known each other for years and are on the same wavelength, it would contribute to creating such atmosphere. 


I am happy to introduce my little wedding family to you.

Intercultural wedding blog

I am so in love with the variety of cultures in this world.


Colourful, crazy, funny, supersticious, romantic, - in my intercultural wedding blog you can take a look at my work as a celebrant as well as find out about my research and my experience conntcted to the wedding traditions from all over the world!

Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach? Do you have a good feeling and want to secure a ceremony with me on your wedding day? I will be happy to answer your message in the bottle!