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What is an independent wedding ceremony?

An independent wedding ceremony is a procedure of pronouncing a couple husband and wife/ wife and wife/ husband and husband, which is bound neither to the state registry office nor to the church. 

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Photo by Mandy Hoff & Christoph Flehmke

What are the advantages of an independent wedding ceremony?

You can decide everything yourselves. Saturday or Sunday, a romantic beach or your Grandma´s garden in the morning or in the afternoon: everything is your choice.

Due to the opportunity to pick a date which is the most suitable for you and your guests, people at your wedding would not only be able to have some food, drinks and entertainment in the evening, but, most importantly, they would be able to wholly share your big day with you and witness the precious moment of you saying "yes" to each other. 

The number of guests at an indepedent wedding ceremony is not restricted, therefore everybody you want to invite is most welcome!

An independent wedding ceremony is a wonderful option for couples who are not religious or represent two different beliefs.

At "Language and Love" you will have an opportunity to book a bilingual ceremony  (German, English or Russian) .

The ceremonial speech, as well as the symbolic elements (rituals, music) are individually tailored to every unique love story. An independent wedding ceremony is no conveyor belt product, but rather a unique "hadmade" masterpiece: there are no identical ceremonies, since there are no identical couples.

Last but not least: the preparations for an independent wedding ceremony are so much fun that they would sweeten the pill of the plannung-related stress even for the most hardcore perfectionists:)

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Photo by Mandy Hoff & Christoph Flehmke

Bei "Language and Love" kann eine freie Traurede in mehreren Sprachen  (De, En, Ru) gehalten werden.

Sowohl die Rede, als auch die dazugehörigen Elemente (Rituale, Musik) sind individuell an die Liebesgeschichte des Paares angepasst. Freie Trauung ist kein Fließband, sondern feine "Handarbeit": jede Trauung ist sehr unterschiedlich, wie auch jedes Liebespaar.

Die Vorbereitung einer freien Trauung macht sehr viel Spaß und versüßt jedem Perfektionisten den Vorhochzeitsstress :)

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Do all the independent wedding ceremonies take place outdoors?

No, not necessarily.  All ceremonies take place where the couples want them to, outdoors as well as indoors. It depends on your preference and on the weather conditions on your wedding day.

Do we still need to go to the state registry office?

It is love that unites you in the first place, not the papers... Nevertheless, you would need to register your marriage if you want the state to recognize it as official.

Do you have more questions?

Photo by Mandy Hoff & Christoph Flehmke

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