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Have you decided to have a bilingual wedding ceremony? That's fantastic because the speech would only make your loved ones laugh out loud or move them to tears and present them with an unforgettable experience if they can understand everything. 

Which types of translation there are and for whom they are most suitable we will tell you in the article below. 

The complete translation of the wedding ceremony

We recommend to have the entire speech translated, when :


The guest constellation is 50/50

Some of the important guests (close family, maid of honor, best man) do not understand the community language 

The bridal couple wishes a complete translation




The oral translation is the right choice for you if you face your guests during the ceremony and would like them to see your emotions and reactions without having to glance at the text. In 2018 I chose this kind of translation for my own wedding:) 


It is important to take into account that ceremonies translated in this manner contain less details and shorter rituals in order to avoid a speech that would be too long. In spite of this precaution, it might still happen that a completely interpreted ceremony would last an hour or slightly longer. 

When interpreting a wedding ceremony, we usually switch between the two languages passage for passage. However, we are open to hear your individual wishes and find a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Would you like the ceremony to be rich in details and rituals as well as easy to follow for the international guests?

Would you like to keep your bilingual ceremony under an hour? In this case a written translation might be the best option for you and your guests. 

We will write your speech in two languages and hold the ceremony in the language of your choice, while the guests who require a translation can read it from leaflets or from a screen, if you would rather have the text projected. As this type of translation requires more work on our part (in fact, we write the speech twice), a translation fee would be added to the cost of our services.

After the wedding you will receive two copies of the speech in two languages.


Photo by: Julija Ermakow

The translation of certain parts of the ceremonial speech.

We would be happy to translate your ceremony partly, when:

Most of the guests speak the same language 

All the important guests (close family, maid of honor, best man) speak the same language

The main language is English 

The bridal couple wishes so. 

We will interpret the most important parts of the speech: the ones that are the key moments of your love story and the ones that invoke emotion - move the guests to tears or make them fall from the chairs laughing. Ok, the latter hasn't yet happened, but when it does at your wedding, everyone would want to understand that part, wouldn't they? 

The ratio between the languages is usually 65%/35%, but if you wish otherwise, we will find an individual ratio that would be a perfect solution for you and your loved ones. Just remember the only rule about wedding ceremonies:


Do you have questions concerning the translation of your ceremony?


Would you like us to consult you on the topic?


Cast a message into the bottle, we will answer it within 24 hours.

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