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Photo by: Julija Ermakow

Before, during and after the ceremony

In order to plan your unforgettable dream ceremony, we need to meet several times - in a cozy cafe, in a park or at your place - you name it! It should be a place where you feel most comfortable. If you cannot come to Hamburg, it is also possible to talk via skype.

The free introductory meeting is very important, on this day we will get the first impression of each other and discuss different ideas and possibilities - how do you picture your perfect ceremony? How long should it be,in which languages should it be held? How should the couple enter the location and how should the guests be seated? Have you already thought about symbols and rituals you would wish at your ceremony? Would you like your guests to take active part in it? Are you planning to read your wedding vows to each other at the ceremony or rather to write them down and seal them? These and other questions I would like to discuss with you during the introductory meeting and if we have a good feeling about working together on your dream ceremony, we sign the agreement and make an appointment for the big interview.

The big interview

During our big interview I would like to get to know you and your love story as well as you would let me, so that your ceremony becomes unique and personal - I'd like to hear about your love for one another, the little traditions you share, how you met each other - I have a lot of questions for you! In addition we will start discussing the layout of your ceremony, as well as your ideas about the rituals and music. After this meeting you will get an idea of what your ceremony will be like.

​The separate interviews

During the separate interviews I would ask you questions about how you feel about each other...  I will keep the answers secret until your ceremony! In my opinion, this is the most emotional part of the ceremony, which is responsible for the goose pimples you and your guests might get . Please do not forget to provide enough handdkerchiefs or tissue :)  On the day of the separate interviews we will also continue discussing organisational questions.

If you wish to have some more meetings (for intsance, if you have some new ideas, qiestions or requests),  I would be happy to see you. The extra meetings will not cost you anything unless I have some travel expenses.


Your wedding day​

On the wedding day I arrive at the location at least one hour prior to the ceremony in order to ensure that the equipment works and everything we need is there at its due place.


You won't have to worry about anything on that day: you can lay back and relax and enjoy what you have been preparing so long!

Photo by: Julija Ermakow. Models: my husband and mr :)

​After the wedding

After the wedding I would like to meet you again, to give you a copy of the ceremonial speech and to talk about the impressions and memories of your wedding. Then you will come home, read the speech together and your hearts will fill with joy once again at the thought that you have each other…